03/06/2024 – Welcome back!

Open Morning and School Clock celebration!

On the final day of the term, we were honoured to welcome parents and members of the local community for a school open morning. This special event featured guided tours of our picturesque school grounds, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the vibrant learning environment we cultivate.

Following the open morning, parents and members of the local community gathered with our school staff and pupils for a heartfelt celebration for our school clock being restored! Sefton, our headteacher, delivered an excellent speech. Russ, our dedicated parent governor, read a touching letter from a local elderly lady, who sadly has since passed away, recounting her childhood experiences in Silverdale and her cherished memories of the school clock. Her vivid recollections even included the days when horse-drawn carriages were a common sight in Silverdale. The ceremony culminated in a ribbon-cutting by our staff member, Karen. To conclude the celebration, we warmly invited the local community to join us in our dining hall for tea and biscuits.

A special thanks goes out to Russ, our parent Governor, and staff member Karen, who both dedicated their time and effort to this project!


Before a well-deserved break for half term, we were fortunate to be visited by a talented group of cricket enthusiasts who delivered engaging and dynamic cricket sessions to the pupils at Bleasdale. Their expertise and passion for the sport were evident, creating an inspiring and enjoyable experience for all involved. The sessions not only introduced the students to the fundamentals of cricket but also fostered teamwork, sportsmanship, and a love for physical activity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visiting group for their dedication and for making such a positive impact on our school community.

Pupil spotlight: Imogen-Jayne

A pupil who attended our recent Cricket session was so inspired by the experience that they felt compelled to write a letter for our weekly newsletter. Impressed by their enthusiasm and dedication, we assured them that their letter would be featured prominently in our weekly website news!

Imogen wrote: “Today I went to cricket. I met a man named John. I did running and batting and throwing and stretching and it made me happy. I liked batting the best. I want to do more batting”. Inspiration and aspiration is at the core of our learner experience. Imogen – keep going!

Calling all creatives! Staff member spotlight

Emma Haddow, a brilliant member of our staff who has pursued a range of creative endeavours. Emma recently gifted the school a magnificent sculpture that she felt perfectly captures the essence of our mission here at Bleasdale School (see photo above) “Learning together, Achieving Together”. Please join us in thanking Emma who continues to follow her passion of working at Bleasdale school!

Silverdale Community Meeting

On Tuesday 21st May 2024 we held an inspiring and productive community meeting for ‘Friends of Bleasdale School’.

The meeting commenced with Sefton, our Headteacher, proudly announcing our Outstanding Ofsted result. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all members, emphasizing the crucial role played by our local community in achieving this remarkable result.

Sefton also provided updates on several key areas: the recent consultation regarding pupil increase, the school’s future, and pupil transport arrangements. He took a moment to apologise for the temporary school gates, explaining that they are essential for safeguarding our pupils.

The agenda then moved to the upcoming open morning, where members expressed their enthusiasm about the school clock being switched on.

We also discussed fundraising initiatives, with staff presenting three options. The members selected an end-of-year visit to Bendrigg Trust activity centre, ensuring all pupils can participate. To support this, a coffee morning will be organised at Gaskell Hall, with the earliest available date being in the Autumn term. Further details about this venue will be provided at our next meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on 16th July 2024 at 2pm.

What’s been going on around School?

Just before our well-deserved break, Falcons class were deeply engaged in enhancing their road safety skills during their Independence lessons. Our explorations of the local community were instrumental in developing a keen awareness of cars and traffic. Through tracking and locating, as well as practising the vital habit of waiting before crossing the road, Falcons class have significantly advanced their understanding and safety when crossing the road.


Sign of the week: Summer Symbol of the Week: Summer

Coming up this week: Performance reviews for all support staff, our first week back after a well-deserved break and more!

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