11/03/2024 – The Spotlights on you!

Reading Week

Last week was reading week and a very exciting ‘Book Day’ where all pupil’s celebrated the love of reading by coming to school dressed as their favourite book character. We also had the brilliant Mrs Knight from Silverdale Primary pop by with her class to join in the celebration. If you’re on our Facebook Page you will have seen what we’ve been up to.


This week the school team had their regular communication meeting. The team have put a range of communication items into the school including, communication boards inside and outside, signing one sign per sentence, silent hour on a Wednesday morning (where we only sign), symbols around in common places. In recognising communication is the glue that keeps schools up we are really running for that communication golden thread.

Celebration of Learning

For a long period of time we celebrated class by class at the tree of celebration and two weeks ago marked a return to full assembly in the atrium. We are particularly sensitive to how pupils regulate, but feel it’s an important part of learning, joining larger groups of peers while celebrating achievements of the week is key to success and embedding strong practice amongst all involved.

Parent Spotlight

This week we have a parent spotlight. Russ talks about his daughter’s use of some new equipment we have recently purchased and been trained on to use: “My daughter attends Bleasdale School and is currently using the drive deck the school purchased recently. This is a fantastic device that allows her to move around the school under her own initiative but obviously supervised and encouraged by a staff member. She activates the device by pressing down on a switch and the longer it’s held down the further it travels. It follows a reflective tape track that is laid in the main corridor to the dining room. She very quickly learned that if she kept the switch held down the further she would go. She has now got so good with this her teacher is now moving her onto using the joystick to control the deck. This will, it’s hoped help her understanding so she can control her own powered wheelchair in the future”.

“I can not praise the school highly enough for the purchase of this bit of kit as she has developed her understanding of the switch to control the deck so quickly and is already moving on to the joystick. She collects the class register from the office and returns it and clearly loves the independence it gives her. It has also greatly increased her understanding and ability of using switches to activate other devices in class. The drive deck is a fantastic piece of kit that the children at Bleasdale benefit from greatly.”

Sign of the week: Recycling

Coming up this week:  Inset around attention Autism & Moving and Handling, World Around Me Week, Team photos and Red Nose Day

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