13/05/2024 – Celebrating Remarkable Pupil Achievements every Friday! 

Consultation evening

Thank you to everyone who attended the consultation at Bleasdale School last week. Lots of thoughts were shared around the progression of the school, but overall, everyone who attended were very positive. This was an informal consultation, which if successful, will be followed by a formal consultation. Your engagement is crucial as we shape the future of our community together. Please keep the momentum going by sharing your insights and ideas with others who couldn’t make it last week. Let’s make sure everyone’s voice is heard as we move forward towards our shared goals.


Evidence for Learning

We are immensely grateful for the engagement of parents/guardians on Evidence for Learning. Your engagement and feedback are invaluable in shaping and enriching the learning experiences of our learners.

Evidence for Learning has transformed how thousands of schools, colleges and provisions are able to evidence, assess, review and plan for meeting the unique needs of their learners. It supports an Inquiry-based approach to education and provision, that allows all involved in a child/young person’s learning and development to gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals.

We now have 34 parents/guardians signed up to use the Evidence for Learning app; your involvement not only enhances the effectiveness of this platform, but also reinforces the collaborative effort required to support our learners in reaching their full potential. We encourage all parents/guardians to continue their active engagement with Evidence for Learning, as your insights and contributions are crucial in ensuring the success and growth of our learners. Together, we can create a more inclusive and enriching educational journey for every pupil here at Bleasdale School. If you need any support accessing the app, please speak with your child’s class teacher.


Friday School Assemblies

Here at Bleasdale School, staff and pupils really enjoy our weekly assemblies on Fridays. We love to celebrate pupil achievements as our weeks come to an end. As the school community gathers in the atrium, there’s an air of anticipation and excitement.

Our assemblies are more than just about academic achievements. They’re also a time for us to come together as a community and celebrate the values that make Bleasdale School special. We recognize acts of kindness, leadership, and perseverance, reminding everyone that success comes in many forms.

Leaving the assembly, there’s a sense of positivity that carries us through the weekend and into the week ahead.



Creating a consistent and structured environment not only aids in academic success, but also fosters a sense of security and well-being among students. By incorporating various cues such as auditory signals, visual aids, and tactile objects, we ensure that every learner, regardless of their individual needs, can navigate their day with confidence and ease.

In our efforts to promote predictability, we recognise the importance of collaboration between home and school. If there are specific symbols or objects of reference that can enhance your child’s routine outside of school, we encourage open communication with your child’s teacher. Together, we can create a seamless transition between home and school environments, providing the support and consistency needed for optimal learning and development.


What’s been going on around school?

This week at Bleasdale, we’ve witnessed remarkable developments across our classes: Acorns class delving into the nuances of environmental changes, Falcons class mastering the art of predictability, Seedlings class embracing sensory considerations, Hedgehogs class embarking on engaging “On the bus” learning adventures, Squirrels class captivating minds with captivating shadow play, Butterfly class fostering independent learning through innovative TEACHH workboxes, and Maples class immersing in enriching sensory story ‘reading’ sessions.


Sign of the week: Mental Health
Symbol of the Week: Mental Health


Coming up this week: 

Development feedback week for teachers, pupil uniform update, TAs & teachers are looking over our phonics offer, the clock has been fixed, and we are preparing for Sports items (Cricket) for the week after… more on this soon!

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