15/04/2024 – It’s Behind You!

Bamboozled Theatre Group

During the final week of the spring term, Bleasdale School had the pleasure of hosting Bamboozled, a renowned theatre company dedicated to providing immersive and accessible theatrical experiences for children with disabilities. Their innovative approach involves personalized engagement strategies tailored to each individual audience member, fostering an environment where children can actively participate, explore, and express themselves.

The feedback from our teachers following Bamboozled’s performance was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the profound impact it had on our pupils. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Bamboozled and for the enriching experience they brought to Bleasdale School.


A Parent Easter Extravaganza! 

During our last week at Bleasdale School not only did we attend and come 1st in the Silverdale Horticultural & Gardening Society Art Trail Competition whilst working hard in school, we also didn’t just have a fantastic time at our parent Easter event; we turned the school into an Easter wonderland! The classrooms were adorned with colourful decorations and the air was filled with laughter and excitement as pupils and parents participated in all things Easter! As we bid adieu to the spring term, we embraced cherished memories of an Easter celebration filled with enchantment and magic.


Vision of the School

As always, we have placed the pupils first. In the development of putting pupils first we have consistently focused on the following over the last year:

  1. Recognising achievement and thanking people for “Learning together, achieving together”,
  2. being clear on our new curriculum,
  3. putting safeguarding & behaviour up front and centre,
  4. making sure communication is in all parts of our approach and
  5. progressing our Coaching Culture.

We can only get there by learning, practicing, revisiting, honestly evaluating, re-learning and tweaking on a regular basis.


Robinson Read School of Dance Donation

In a heart-warming gesture of generosity, Robinson Read School of Dance bestowed upon Bleasdale School a remarkable donation totalling £543.70 during the concluding days of the spring term. This substantial sum was graciously raised during their esteemed Prizegiving at the Vale event, held at Lune Rugby Club on January 28th, 2024. 

Robinson Read School of Dance has long been a beacon of philanthropy in our community, consistently supporting various children’s charities throughout the region, including the Loyne Specialist School and Morecambe Road School. Their unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of young individuals is both commendable and inspiring. 

On behalf of the entire Bleasdale School community, we extend our deepest gratitude for this generous contribution. Your support resonates deeply with us, and we are profoundly thankful for your continued kindness. 


Special Visitors Support the Moral Choice 

Paul Turner, Director of Education, Skills, and Culture, and Aby Hardy, Head of Education Improvement and SEND, graced Bleasdale School with their presence during the final week of the spring term, engaging in discussions with our Headteacher, Sefton. Paul and Aby were deeply moved by the unwavering efforts of the Bleasdale community. Their unwavering commitment to propelling the school forward has been nothing short of extraordinary, cultivating an atmosphere ripe with possibilities for growth and opportunity, thereby guaranteeing that every student flourishes within the embrace of our revered institution. 


Sign of the week: Summer

Symbol of the Week: Summer


Coming up this week: 

Pupil Emotional health day, the last week in April, the opening of the Summer Curriculum, Reading, Reading, Reading and the re-opening of our Therapies Building!

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