20/05/2024 – We are outstanding!!!


We are thrilled to share with you the outstanding news that Bleasdale School has been recognised by Ofsted as an exceptional institution, achieving the highest rating of “Outstanding” across all aspects of our provision.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication, commitment, and unwavering support of our entire school community, including our incredible students, talented and dedicated staff, and of course, our valued parents and guardians.

At Bleasdale School, we believe in putting our pupils at the heart of everything we do, and this recognition reaffirms that ethos. Your ongoing support, whether it’s through attending school events, volunteering your time, or simply encouraging your child at home, has been instrumental in creating an environment where every child thrives.

The Ofsted report highlights the exceptional quality of education, the outstanding behaviour and attitudes of our students, and the strong emphasis on personal development and leadership within our school. It also acknowledges our commitment to providing outstanding sixth-form provision, ensuring that every student is fully prepared for adult life.

Together, we have created an outstanding educational environment where every child can flourish and achieve their full potential. As we celebrate this momentous achievement, let us note we will continue to work together to uphold the values of excellence, collaboration, and inclusivity that define our school community.


Pupil Uniform

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ‘School Trends’ as the new supplier for our school uniforms! We’ve carefully selected them to ensure the highest quality and comfort for our students. Your child’s education is our top priority, and we believe that a standardized uniform helps create a sense of unity and belonging among our students.

To access all the essential details about our new school uniform provider, simply navigate to our School Uniform page on our website. There, you’ll find everything you need to know, from uniform requirements to ordering instructions.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we strive to enhance the overall experience for our students and families. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our School Office, we’re here to help!


Rebound centre of excellence award plaque!

We are thrilled to announce that our Rebound Centre has been honoured with the Excellence Award plaque from the UK based international body for Rebound Therapy, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services.

Our purpose-built Rebound Therapy room is an extraordinary asset, enabling us to offer each pupil the unique benefits of rebound therapy. This state-of-the-art facility is overseen by our dedicated sports coordinator, along with several trained staff members, ensuring that our therapy sessions are conducted with the highest level of expertise and care.

The Rebound Therapy room is equipped with comprehensive features: padded walls and floors, a sunken trampoline, adjustable lighting, window blinds, air conditioning, music, and an overhead ceiling hoist. These elements create an optimal environment for therapeutic activities.

Rebound Therapy utilizes the therapeutic potential of trampolines to enhance movement, promote balance and body awareness, regulate muscle tone, foster relaxation, and support sensory integration. Additionally, it improves fitness and communication skills. Its versatility allows pupils to work on multiple target areas simultaneously, integrating seamlessly with various curricular goals.

This award is a recognition of our dedication to providing a holistic and inclusive therapeutic experience for all our pupils.

You can visit the UK based international body for Rebound Therapy website by following this link: https://www.reboundtherapy.org/


Development feedback week for our teachers

Last week, our Headteacher, Sefton, and Deputy Headteacher, Kath, and Lead Learning Practitioners Rebecca Parker and Lois Howarth conducted classroom observations to provide our teachers with comprehensive feedback. Each teacher received three highlighted strengths, showcasing their successes, along with three constructive points for consideration. This feedback was rooted in our key focus areas: Enabling Environments, Curriculum Relevance, Quality of Teaching, Sequence of Learning, Relationships and Behaviour, Outcomes, Progress, and Inquiry. Additionally, teachers were given an overall feedback comment to encapsulate their performance and progress. This is in-part recognising that we are always within the Bleasdale spirit of “Learning together, Achieving Together”.


Consultation Update

Following a series of positive responses amid a spectrum of expressed sentiments, we are pleased to announce that the consultation will progress from its informal stage to a formal phase over the next six weeks. We encourage you to visit our website’s homepage (https://bleasdaleschool.lancs.sch.uk/), where you can share your insights and download the consultation booklet.

Your feedback is invaluable as we move forward, and we look forward to engaging with our community more deeply.


Teacher development

Last week the focus for continuous personal development was Phonics. We explored the structure and resources from the Twinkl scheme to deliver high quality predictable phonic sessions, for all 3 pathways. ‘To Do’ students will focus on phase 1 environmental sounds, ‘To Be’ students will start to explore rhyme and alliteration and begin to work towards phase 2. ‘To Know’ students will work through the different phases to support blending and segmenting of sounds to read and spell words.

For a deeper understanding and further details, please speak with your child’s class teacher.


What’s been going on around School?

Our brand-new Squirrels class had a delightful time during their first food prep lesson last week! The young chefs eagerly followed a set of instructions to craft their own delicious jam sandwiches. Afterwards, they proudly captured photographs of their culinary creations to showcase their achievements.

We look forward to many more culinary adventures with our talented Squirrels!

Sign of the week: Cricket
Symbol of the Week: Cricket


Coming up this week:

Cricket, Silverdale Community meeting, School visitors’ photos, School open morning and much more!

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