22/04/2024 – It’s All Happening This Week… And Every Week!

Pupil Emotional Health Day

Good emotional health and wellbeing provide the sturdy foundation upon which our children and young people can thrive, allowing them to blossom academically, socially, and emotionally. With resilient emotional health, our pupils not only develop the necessary skills to navigate life’s challenges, but also find joy and fulfilment in their educational journey. By fostering a positive mindset, they’re better equipped to attend school with enthusiasm, actively engage in learning opportunities, and ultimately unlock their full potential. From the classroom to the playground, prioritizing emotional wellness empowers our youth to flourish in every aspect of their lives. Here at Bleasdale School, we not only uphold these values, but strive to embody them in every aspect of our educational approach.


Reading, Reading, Reading

Reading for our pupil’s happens continuously through out each day at Bleasdale. What it looks like depends on which pathway we are in. This week all staff at Bleasdale reviewed our current offer which looks like this:

TO BE Pathway: Communication skills, Sensory stories, Eyegaze, Tac Pac, Story Massage and Engagement scales

TO DO Pathway: Signing and symbols, repetition and adult support within reading, communicating simple meaning and engaging in a shared activity

TO KNOW Pathway: Phonics, relationships between sounds and spoken language, understanding meaning of texts and discussing them


Re-opening of the Therapies Building!

We are thrilled to reveal the re-opening of our Therapies Building at Bleasdale School this week! After months of meticulous planning and hard work, we are delighted to welcome our pupils back to this vibrant hub of learning and healing. Our commitment to providing top-notch therapeutic services and support for our students remains unwavering, and we believe that the enhancements made to the building will further enrich their educational journey. As part of this work, we have also concentrated on the safeguarding of children and our Silverdale village neighbours and had to make some tough decisions based on keeping pupil’s safe.


One year of a new Leadership team!

This year marks the start and creation of a new leadership team. One year on and Sefton, Kath, Becky, Lois and Paula have worked hard at Bleasdale School, and what a transformative year it has been. Under their guidance with support from the strong leadership of the HLTAs (Arlene, Sally, Jo, Karen, Zoe and Ellie), the school has flourished in ways we hadn’t imagined. From the moment they stepped through the doors, their energy was infectious, and vision inspiring.

As we reflect on this past year with the new team at the helm, it’s clear that their leadership has brought about positive change. Bleasdale School isn’t just a place of learning; it’s a community where students thrive, teachers are empowered, the local village is a part of our growth and parents are proud to be involved. Here’s to many more years of growth and success.


A Summer Curriculum

The summer curriculum is well under way, and even though we now run a very functional and appropriate curriculum based on the principles of remembering more and doing more within clear pedagogical pathways (TO BE, TO DO, TO KNOW) we also use themes to enrich the experience. This terms enrichment is titled “Up, up and away!”. Looking over this weeks Evidence for Learning (Have you downloaded our handy app – please ask your teacher) you can such a rich tapestry from dynamic communication to manipulating sounds within Thinking and problems solving, from sensory make believe recognising oneself in my Body, community inclusion to the wonderful Acorns class who have enjoyed exploring the new living classroom. They even found their own Super-worm! Keep going team Bleasdale!


Joining Changing Lives Learning Trust

We have now closed the consultation for joining Changing Lives Learning Trust. They continue to be a very strong option for the future of Bleasdale school. However now is the time to reflect on the consultation for a period before anything further is done. We have collated all information on offer and will inform you of the next steps before we do anything further. Headteacher Sefton Booth wanted to thank all contributors to the process, and looks forward to the next steps school can offer our wonderful pupils.


Sign and symbol of the week: Brave


Coming up this week:

Therapies Buildings complete, New gates and fences installed, new trike store for pupils, specialist OT and Therapy checks, and a whole hunk of learning and perhaps some sun?!

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