25/03/2024 – Don’t forget our Facebook Page!

Evidence for Learning App Launch

We have recently invested in a new service at Bleasdale School called Evidence for Learning. This product will allow us as a school to gather a higher quality of evidence through a process of enquiry to help improve our pupil’s learning journey at School. The Evidence for Learning app and website console will also allow us as a school to; share learning journeys, progress and photos with you, ensuring you as parents are at the heart of the students learning. You will be able to comment on child’s progress, print images and the learning journeys. It will also help improve parent involvement and access to pupil’s progress. As a parent you will also be able to upload images and videos to your child’s cloud to contribute to their learning. To align with our school GDPR, all pupils will have their own individual cloud and parents will be given a secure login in to this area to view items and upload videos etc.

Don’t forget our Facebook Page! 

Please don’t forget our Facebook page – it’s a wonderful view into the learning that takes place at every moment and area of Bleasdale. Some schools talk about down time, where as you know, at Bleasdale it is always up time; every moment is a chance to live our motto “Learning Together, Achieving Together”. 

Sally Richardson is to Retire 

Sally Richardson has given a strong and long service to Lancashire County Council under the title of SEND Inclusion. Sally is largely responsible for Bleasdale getting to where Bleasdale is today and it is only fitting that we thank you for the years of service she has put in for Lancaster County Council, Bleasdale School and our young people. Sally Richardson – Thank you .

Sign of the week: Jesus

Symbol of the Week: Jesus 

Coming up this week:  Theatre Company Bamboozled is putting on four live shows, we have come to the end of our consultation for moving to Changing Lives Learning Trust, the final push of learning this term and EASTER!  

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