Rock 4 Charity! – 01/07/2024

Rock 4 Charity, Variety Children’s Charity and Our New School Bus! 

Last week, we had the immense pleasure of celebrating the generous donation of a new school bus from Variety, a renowned children’s charity dedicated to empowering every child to live their best life and achieve their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. Variety’s commitment to funding and delivering transformative programs offers children and young people across the UK a brighter, more promising future. 

The day was made even more special by the presence of Daz from Rock 4 Charity, whose spirited guitar performances and dynamic DJ sets kept the atmosphere lively and joyful. The highlight of the celebration was the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new minibus, a moment that symbolized new opportunities and adventures for our students. Following the ceremony, everyone took part in fun-filled games in the garden, fostering a sense of community and joy. 

This event was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the power of generosity and the profound impact it can have on our children’s lives. We extend our deepest gratitude to Variety for their unwavering support and to Daz for adding a musical magic to our special day. 


New Teacher 

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development at Bleasdale! One of our Higher-Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA), Sally, has transitioned into a teaching role. Sally’s dedication, expertise, and passion for education have been invaluable to our community, and we are confident that she will continue to inspire and support our students in her new position. Please join us in congratulating Sally on this well-deserved achievement and welcoming her as a teacher at Bleasdale School! 


Poetry in the Garden 

Last week, we hosted a delightful Poetry in the Garden day, which brought together pupils, staff, and parents for a celebration of creativity and community. Despite the weather, which kept us indoors, the spirit of the event remained undampened. Our classrooms transformed into cozy havens where everyone gathered for a shared picnic lunch, fostering a warm and engaging atmosphere. The day was filled with inspiring poetry readings, heartfelt conversations, and a sense of togetherness. It was a memorable occasion that highlighted the power of words and the strength of our community. 


Silverdale Art Trail  

Over the weekend, Bleasdale School proudly opened its doors to the public, celebrating the exceptional artistic talents of our students. Visitors were captivated not only by the remarkable artwork on display but also by the extensive resources our school offers. Engaging conversations and shared admiration for the students’ outstanding work filled the event. Of particular note were our state-of-the-art resources, including the innovative magic carpets, which left a lasting impression on all who attended. The event was a testament to the creativity and hard work of our students and the supportive environment that fosters their growth. 


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