Amelia Wilson is the Upper School Class Teacher and alongside the team of highly skilled staff, implements the “preparation for adulthood” curriculum in the 14-19 department. 

World Studies, Independent Living and Vocational Studies. Following this programme of work we work towards our accreditation which is credited at the end of Key Stage 4. Our pupils also access rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, creativity, music interaction and physical activity on a weekly basis. Learning takes place in various locations in school, for example the classroom, sensory suite and the grounds. Learning also takes place outside of school, for example local libraries and Bendrigg Lodge. We have an occupational therapist, physiotherapist and speech and language therapist who all visit our class too. Parents and carers are fully involved in our learning and we use switches and diaries to record messages and complete homework tasks to complement our school based work.

In Key Stage 4, Year 10 pupils use the Equals Moving On accreditation scheme.  They complete units of work at an appropriate level which are externally moderated and certificated.  Year 11 pupils use the Asdan Transition Challenge.  Students complete the appropriate unit – either the Sensory Challenge or Towards Independence.

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14-16:                              Term: Autumn 2023

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Staff in Upper School are supported by their colleagues in the Pastoral Care and Pupil Wellbeing Teams

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Pupils’ physical development is a real strength of the school. Rebound therapy and the use of the hydrotherapy pool
contribute well to pupils’ physical development.

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