Financial & Governance Information

Our school meets the necessary requirements for the provision of high-quality services and financial sustainability by successfully overseeing we provide an excellent quality of education to all our pupils and young people within the income that we receive. In an ever-changing economy, it is important to ensure that we are financial efficient.

Our Governors play an important role in ensuring high standards of achievement for our pupils and young people by:

Setting our school’s vision, ethos, and strategic direction
Holding our Headteacher to account for the educational performance of our school.
Overseeing the financial performance of the school, ensuring that funding is well spent.

Our Governing Body is required to ensure that the Lancashire Authority (LA) is provided with full details of anticipated and actual expenditure and income, at times these are already determined by the LA. Our Governors are also required to ensure the School Financial Value Standards is completed annually and we are compliant with all questions. The completion of the documentation assists Governors to evaluate our school’s expenditure and how spending and financial management characteristics compare to identified levels within the budget.

We ensure that to effectively carry out their duties, our Governors have the skills and knowledge to monitor our school’s financial stability and ensure that public money is used efficiently to improve the outcomes for our pupils and young people. They understand the financial data presented to them to enable them to provide sufficient and robust challenge.

The Governing Body ensure value for money is being achieved in relation to each of the following areas:

  • Budgetary control
  • Strategic planning
  • School improvement
  • Staffing arrangements


Declaration of Interest 2023/2024

Our Governors have made the following declarations in relation to their business interests. There are currently no declarations of business interest recorded.

Governors are also asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest arising from any matter or agenda item discussed by the Governing Body and its Committees at each meeting and this is formally recorded.

Below you will find documents relating to finance and governance within our School: