Lunchtime Activity Group

Each class has a variety of activities taking place over lunchtime these are all linked to the 5 ways of wellbeing and focus on a different area each day.

Lower School are playing target games using bean bags, the magic carpet, playground equipment, tig and outdoor resources. They are also learning to play alongside each other passing balls to one another and making crafts to share with other classes. They are sharing favourite songs and stories together and are focusing on a different celebratory day each week, eg Earth day, Bee day.

Middle School pupils are listening to music, learning a new word or sign, making cards, using the parachute and friendship band, planting a sensory area, and enjoying the outdoor play equipment. Others are taking part in Cosmic kids’ yoga, exploring different stories, creating a Kindness tree, growing herbs, and playing team games.

Upper School practice action songs, look at how to care for their clothes, demonstrate kindness, listen to different tempos and genres of music, showing their individual preferences, explore how their friends travel to school and access the playground.  Other students take part in outdoor activities, ball and team games, nature walks listening and looking for birds and wildlife, Yoga, and enjoy making up their own dance routines on Fridays.





Leaders work closely with external agencies, including the local authority, to support pupils and their families.

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