Bleasdale School is an accredited Communication Friendly School and have been awarded a Lancashire Education Award for Investing in Communication. We support our pupils working at all levels of communication through interaction, routines, symbols and appropriate level of exploration and play. We have regular training opportunities for staff to ensure that the individual pupil needs are met through a consistent and personalised approach to communication.

We use a total communication approach: On Body signs, personal identifiers, objects of reference, gestures, eye pointing, signs, symbols, photos, communication books, signing and vocalisations. Our role is to make communication accessible to all pupils and to value all attempts to communicate however this is achieved.

Objects of Reference

An Object of Reference OOR, is an object or part of an object that has a particular meaning e.g. spoons: dinner time, giggle stick: lunch time sensory group. Objects of reference are used to help pupils anticipate what is coming next, sequence events and develop awareness of their environment.


Routines are very important to help develop pupil’s communication skills as they learn to anticipate key events. We use clear signs to signal change of event, these include Objects of Reference / Photos /Symbols. Some routines also have associated music and smells.

Each day is represented by a different smell.

Monday: Coffee

Tuesday: Lemon

Wednesday: Ginger

Thursday: Lavender

Friday: Vanilla

Saturday: Rose


Signs of the week

Bleasdale School uses Makaton as a sign system, to enhance the spoken word. We aim to sign key messages using signs to aid understanding.

Each week we focus on practicing specific Makaton signs.

On Body signs

On Body signs are how we communicate with visually impaired pupils to help them anticipate what is going to happen next. Use the QR code to find out more.

QR code for on body signs

Communication Passports

Every pupil has a communication passport this contains specific details about each individual pupil. These have vital information about each pupil’s strengths and how to interpret pupil’s behaviour as meaningful messages and how to interact and communication with them.

Important to Me Bags

Each pupil has an Important to Me bag, which has items that are personal and important to individual pupils. We use these items to start conversations with others especially our peers during inclusion sessions.

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