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Pupil Emotional Health Day

Good emotional health and wellbeing provide the sturdy foundation upon which our children and young people can thrive, allowing them to blossom academically, socially, and emotionally. With resilient emotional health, our pupils not only develop the necessary skills to navigate life’s challenges, but also find joy and fulfilment in their educational journey. By fostering a positive mindset, they’re better equipped to attend school with enthusiasm, actively engage in learning opportunities, and ultimately unlock their full potential. From the classroom to the playground, prioritizing emotional wellness empowers our youth to flourish in every aspect of their lives. Here at Bleasdale School, we not only uphold these values, but strive to embody them in every aspect of our educational approach.

Reading, Reading, Reading

Reading for our pupil’s happens continuously through out each day at Bleasdale. What it looks like depends on which pathway we are in. This week all staff at Bleasdale reviewed our current offer which looks like this:

TO BE Pathway: Communication skills, Sensory stories, Eyegaze, Tac Pac, Story Massage and Engagement scales

TO DO Pathway: Signing and symbols, repetition and adult support within reading, communicating simple meaning and engaging in a shared activity

TO KNOW Pathway: Phonics, relationships between sounds and spoken language, understanding meaning of texts and discussing them

Re-opening of the Therapies Building!

We are thrilled to reveal the re-opening of our Therapies Building at Bleasdale School this week! After months of meticulous planning and hard work, we are delighted to welcome our pupils back to this vibrant hub of learning and healing. Our commitment to providing top-notch therapeutic services and support for our students remains unwavering, and we believe that the enhancements made to the building will further enrich their educational journey. As part of this work, we have also concentrated on the safeguarding of children and our Silverdale village neighbours and had to make some tough decisions based on keeping pupil’s safe.

One year of a new Leadership team!

This year marks the start and creation of a new leadership team. One year on and Sefton, Kath, Becky, Lois and Paula have worked hard at Bleasdale School, and what a transformative year it has been. Under their guidance with support from the strong leadership of the HLTAs (Arlene, Sally, Jo, Karen, Zoe and Ellie), the school has flourished in ways we hadn’t imagined. From the moment they stepped through the doors, their energy was infectious, and vision inspiring.

As we reflect on this past year with the new team at the helm, it’s clear that their leadership has brought about positive change. Bleasdale School isn’t just a place of learning; it’s a community where students thrive, teachers are empowered, the local village is a part of our growth and parents are proud to be involved. Here’s to many more years of growth and success.

A Summer Curriculum

The summer curriculum is well under way, and even though we now run a very functional and appropriate curriculum based on the principles of remembering more and doing more within clear pedagogical pathways (TO BE, TO DO, TO KNOW) we also use themes to enrich the experience. This terms enrichment is titled “Up, up and away!”. Looking over this weeks Evidence for Learning (Have you downloaded our handy app – please ask your teacher) you can such a rich tapestry from dynamic communication to manipulating sounds within Thinking and problems solving, from sensory make believe recognising oneself in my Body, community inclusion to the wonderful Acorns class who have enjoyed exploring the new living classroom. They even found their own Super-worm! Keep going team Bleasdale!

Joining Changing Lives Learning Trust

We have now closed the consultation for joining Changing Lives Learning Trust. They continue to be a very strong option for the future of Bleasdale school. However now is the time to reflect on the consultation for a period before anything further is done. We have collated all information on offer and will inform you of the next steps before we do anything further. Headteacher Sefton Booth wanted to thank all contributors to the process, and looks forward to the next steps school can offer our wonderful pupils.


Sign and symbol of the week: Brave

Coming up this week:  Therapies Buildings complete, New gates and fences installed, new trike store for pupils, specialist OT and Therapy checks, and a whole hunk of learning and perhaps some sun?!

15/04/2024 – IT’S BEHIND YOU!

Bamboozled Theatre Group

During the final week of the spring term, Bleasdale School had the pleasure of hosting Bamboozled, a renowned theatre company dedicated to providing immersive and accessible theatrical experiences for children with disabilities. Their innovative approach involves personalized engagement strategies tailored to each individual audience member, fostering an environment where children can actively participate, explore, and express themselves.

The feedback from our teachers following Bamboozled’s performance was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the profound impact it had on our pupils. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Bamboozled and for the enriching experience they brought to Bleasdale School.

A Parent Easter Extravaganza! 

During our last week at Bleasdale School not only did we attend and come 1st in the Silverdale Horticultural & Gardening Society Art Trail Competition whilst working hard in school, we also didn’t just have a fantastic time at our parent Easter event; we turned the school into an Easter wonderland! The classrooms were adorned with colourful decorations and the air was filled with laughter and excitement as pupils and parents participated in all things Easter! As we bid adieu to the spring term, we embraced cherished memories of an Easter celebration filled with enchantment and magic.

Vision of the School

As always, we have placed the pupils first. In the development of putting pupils first we have consistently focused on the following over the last year:

1, Recognising achievement and thanking people for “Learning together, achieving together”,

2, being clear on our new curriculum,

3, putting safeguarding & behaviour up front and centre,

4, making sure communication is in all parts of our approach and

5, progressing our Coaching Culture.

We can only get there by learning, practicing, revisiting, honestly evaluating, re-learning and tweaking on a regular basis.

 Robinson Read School of Dance Donation

In a heart-warming gesture of generosity, Robinson Read School of Dance bestowed upon Bleasdale School a remarkable donation totalling £543.70 during the concluding days of the spring term. This substantial sum was graciously raised during their esteemed Prizegiving at the Vale event, held at Lune Rugby Club on January 28th, 2024. 

Robinson Read School of Dance has long been a beacon of philanthropy in our community, consistently supporting various children’s charities throughout the region, including the Loyne Specialist School and Morecambe Road School. Their unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of young individuals is both commendable and inspiring. 

On behalf of the entire Bleasdale School community, we extend our deepest gratitude for this generous contribution. Your support resonates deeply with us, and we are profoundly thankful for your continued kindness. 

Special Visitors Support the Moral Choice 

Paul Turner, Director of Education, Skills, and Culture, and Aby Hardy, Head of Education Improvement and SEND, graced Bleasdale School with their presence during the final week of the spring term, engaging in discussions with our Headteacher, Sefton. Paul and Aby were deeply moved by the unwavering efforts of the Bleasdale community. Their unwavering commitment to propelling the school forward has been nothing short of extraordinary, cultivating an atmosphere ripe with possibilities for growth and opportunity, thereby guaranteeing that every student flourishes within the embrace of our revered institution. 

Sign of the week: Summer

Symbol of the Week: Summer

Coming up this week:  Pupil Emotional health day, the last week in April, the opening of the Summer Curriculum, Reading, Reading, Reading and the re-opening of our Therapies Building!

25/03/2024 – Don’t forget our Facebook Page!

Evidence for Learning App Launch

We have recently invested in a new service at Bleasdale School called Evidence for Learning. This product will allow us as a school to gather a higher quality of evidence through a process of enquiry to help improve our pupil’s learning journey at School. The Evidence for Learning app and website console will also allow us as a school to; share learning journeys, progress and photos with you, ensuring you as parents are at the heart of the students learning. You will be able to comment on child’s progress, print images and the learning journeys. It will also help improve parent involvement and access to pupil’s progress. As a parent you will also be able to upload images and videos to your child’s cloud to contribute to their learning. To align with our school GDPR, all pupils will have their own individual cloud and parents will be given a secure login in to this area to view items and upload videos etc.

Don’t forget our Facebook Page! 

Please don’t forget our Facebook page – it’s a wonderful view into the learning that takes place at every moment and area of Bleasdale. Some schools talk about down time, where as you know, at Bleasdale it is always up time; every moment is a chance to live our motto “Learning Together, Achieving Together”. 

Sally Richardson is to Retire 

Sally Richardson has given a strong and long service to Lancashire County Council under the title of SEND Inclusion. Sally is largely responsible for Bleasdale getting to where Bleasdale is today and it is only fitting that we thank you for the years of service she has put in for Lancaster County Council, Bleasdale School and our young people. Sally Richardson – Thank you .

Sign of the week: Jesus

Symbol of the Week: Jesus 

Coming up this week:  Theatre Company Bamboozled is putting on four live shows, we have come to the end of our consultation for moving to Changing Lives Learning Trust, the final push of learning this term and EASTER!  

18/03/2024 – Don’t throw away, recycle for another day!

‘The World Around Us’ Week

This week was ‘The World Around Us’ week with the theme of recycling.  Upper jumped into exploring the curricula area known as The World Around us (Science week) doing their recycling during enterprise. We live in a rich area of outstanding natural beauty. It’s no wonder then you can find our pupils often out and about adding to the beauty of Silverdale. When back with resources they were exploring different textures. Peaches responded to the sound of the paper and helped to fill the bag and Zak decorated the foxes tail! Go Bleasdale!

Below is a link to ‘ How to recycle more – with no extra effort!’ which includes lots of effortless tips on how to do your part to help the environment.

How to recycling more – with no extra effort!


As a group we explored the previous OFSTED report to recap on things we had been doing in the building. We looked at it through the lens of Why, How and What (thank you Mr. Senek). Teams were happy to learn that we had already made so much movement since our last report and are looking forward to seeing how we can further respond to the brilliant mirror that is OFSTED.

Training Day’s Investment in Human Capital

During our training day we explored a range of important issues, we all refreshed our moving and handling knowledge with some insightful and useful techniques, we spent time in our class teams discussing the education of our brilliant Bleasdale pupils, we discussed the vision and future of the school as a whole school team and we learnt about two new programs to the school ‘The Curiosity Programme” and “Attention Autism”. Both programs have their roots within intensive interaction and aids learners with their sustained engagement through multi-sensory and dramatic ways.

Staff photographs

Our staff had their photograph taken this week by our Parent Governor Russ. We are all looking forward to seeing our smiley faces on our website and in our gallery in the foyer!

Red Nose Day! A brighter future for all kids begins with you! 

This week we celebrated Red Nose Day with wacky hair day! We saw lots of great contributions from children and staff and we raised lots of money towards comic relief; your donations ensure that children have access to health services, nutritious food, quality education, and safe spaces to live, learn, work, play and so much more. We also loved seeing your contributions on our Facebook page!

Sign of the week: Easter

Coming up this week: Evidence for Learning App launch for whole school, IEPs Spring and summer getting ready to come home, P16 moderation, Full Governors meeting, Silverdale Art Trail, and the final push of learning this term!


11/03/2024 – The Spotlights on you!

Reading Week

Last week was reading week and a very exciting ‘Book Day’ where all pupil’s celebrated the love of reading by coming to school dressed as their favourite book character. We also had the brilliant Mrs Knight from Silverdale Primary pop by with her class to join in the celebration. If you’re on our Facebook Page you will have seen what we’ve been up to.


This week the school team had their regular communication meeting. The team have put a range of communication items into the school including, communication boards inside and outside, signing one sign per sentence, silent hour on a Wednesday morning (where we only sign), symbols around in common places. In recognising communication is the glue that keeps schools up we are really running for that communication golden thread.

Celebration of Learning

For a long period of time we celebrated class by class at the tree of celebration and two weeks ago marked a return to full assembly in the atrium. We are particularly sensitive to how pupils regulate, but feel it’s an important part of learning, joining larger groups of peers while celebrating achievements of the week is key to success and embedding strong practice amongst all involved.

Parent Spotlight

This week we have a parent spotlight. Russ talks about his daughter’s use of some new equipment we have recently purchased and been trained on to use: “My daughter attends Bleasdale School and is currently using the drive deck the school purchased recently. This is a fantastic device that allows her to move around the school under her own initiative but obviously supervised and encouraged by a staff member. She activates the device by pressing down on a switch and the longer it’s held down the further it travels. It follows a reflective tape track that is laid in the main corridor to the dining room. She very quickly learned that if she kept the switch held down the further she would go. She has now got so good with this her teacher is now moving her onto using the joystick to control the deck. This will, it’s hoped help her understanding so she can control her own powered wheelchair in the future”.

“I can not praise the school highly enough for the purchase of this bit of kit as she has developed her understanding of the switch to control the deck so quickly and is already moving on to the joystick. She collects the class register from the office and returns it and clearly loves the independence it gives her. It has also greatly increased her understanding and ability of using switches to activate other devices in class. The drive deck is a fantastic piece of kit that the children at Bleasdale benefit from greatly.”

Sign of the week: Recycling

Coming up this week:  Inset around attention Autism & Moving and Handling, World Around Me Week, Team photos and Red Nose Day


04/03/2024 – The Gift You Can Open Again and Again…

…that’s right – books!

Last week we launched our new home reading scheme with the pupils across school. They all took it in turns to come and choose which book they wished to take home. If your child has come home with a story sack, this is to share at home and be returned the week before half term (we will send a reminder nearer the time). If your child has come home with a book/nursery rhyme and symbols this is to share at home for the next two weeks then if they return it to school they can exchange it for a new one. We would love you to send in any photos of these being used at home to your class DoJo/Evidence for Learning App. Happy Reading! Any questions? Please just ask.


This week we had the first of many students from Edge Hill University start their journey into Special educational needs. Their short week comes as a full package of learning first and foremost about how wonderful our pupils are, the curriculum, how our school delivers outstanding teaching and learning, assessment, behaviour, the list goes on and on. This was no less for the current students who left with their teacher toolkits full of ideas and plans.

Changing Lives Learning Trust

Our consultation period continues, and this week we welcomed local custodians of Silverdale village, parents and staff to ask a range of questions from pupils, to money, from LCC to fixing roofs. It was full evening that clocked in at over three hours finishing just after 7pm.

The Advisory Board

Huge thanks goes to Gary Whiting our school adviser, as last week, we had such confidence and trust in our education and delivery we asked Gary to walk freely around the school and ask all staff any questions he liked. His response was just what Bleasdale wanted to hear… “You are doing a wonderful job”

If Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words…

…Then videos must be worth about 1.8 million. From books to videos… we began shooting our new video last week. This is an ongoing project that will take some time, but will go a long way to sharing how as a school we are moving on. Alongside the soon to be taken professional photographs by our very own Vice Governor we will soon be able to reveal our new website! So please do keep an eye out.

Sign of the week: Excited

Coming up this week:  World Book day, School budgets meeting, Learning Jenga and a check in with Evidence for Learning

26/02/2024 – Spring Has Sprung!

Progress, Progress, Progress

The first week back after half term had teachers share with leaders of the school the progress pupils having been making on the new curriculum. We currently share the information, and where things aren’t quiet hitting the mark, we adjust learning to meet the needs of the individual. It certainly has made for some brilliant results – well done Bleasdale Pupils!

Achieving together, Learning together

Bleasdale colleagues have completed a range of courses and we are really proud of the work they have been doing. We call this CPDL – which this week focused on Communication and Lifting and handling – Go team!

Extra Miles

Two members went that extra mile this week! One supported parents with some PA work for their child and successfully took one of our pupils to the cinema who enjoyed the whole film! Another staff member completed their medications course in record time so that she can begin supporting pupils in their phase. The Bleasdale team never cease to amaze us!

Building for the Future

We currently have a large range of traders in upgrading the therapy buildings to support Bleasdale’s future. During times like these it’s very much about how we find new ways to work as a Team with new colleagues, and this week has been no different. Everyone has been so accommodating when things have changed such as fire alarms, consideration for how we use our car park and a change to our internet use. The works should be completed over the Easter period so fingers crossed to fruitful outcomes.

Thanks Guv’!

Many of you will have seen our Vice Governor in and around our building doing more than you can imagine to support staff and the school in to a bright future. Just to mention a few, he’s been supporting staff on their thinking around joining a Trust, taking down rotten and dangerous trees, organising new planters, putting up and taking down boards, challenging the headteachers strategy, moving wardrobes, and even joined us at the celebration tree this week (where we hear of each and every child’s weekly achievement) to name only a few items on his long list. So a big thank you to our governors for all the input they have for the school. The school wouldn’t be the same without you.

Sign of the Week: Favourite

Coming up this week:  LCC visit, Parents Trust Evening (Tuesday 4pm), School’s adviser visit, and shooting a new Bleasdale pupil video!


Halfway There – 14th February 2024

As we reach halfway through the year – it’s no wonder then that the vision for the school should becoming clear. Every Monday since I have begun at Bleasdale school as the Headteacher we have discussed the following:

  • Recognising achievement and thanking people for “Learning together and achieving together”
  • Being clear on what’s going on each week and development of the curriculum.
  • Putting safeguarding and behaviour up front and centre
  • Developed total communication across the school– key to all aspects of learners.
  • Approaching work in a Coaching capacity.

So, thank you to pupil’s, parents and staff for supporting this vision of improving the school. You enrich the development by being an active participant: so, let’s keep going!

Outstanding School Visits

Last week we had a visit from Teri-Ann Steele (Deputy Headteacher at Bluebell Park) who said: “please pass my thanks on to your staff and parents for their warm welcome! It is such a beautiful area and particularly the school itself, which is quirky, theatrical and one of a kind!” Combine this with a visit from the full governing board who congratulated us on the current staffing structure and future planning of the school, not to mention a visit from Gary Whiting – the school’s advisor who complemented us our attention to detail on our use of a PAWs board (a pupil snap shot board indicating Progress, Attitudes and Welfare of each young person).

Continuous Professional Development Learning (CPDL)

Thank you for all staff completing training whilst maintaining high standards of learning. Teachers were able to complete courses in becoming a Team Teach Tutor, Introduction to the role of DSL, Evidence for Learning conference, Mary Myatt conference, paediatric first aid, the list goes on, and this term we will be looking at what inhouse training we can deliver.

Changing Lives Learning Trust

Thanks for those who attended Johnathan Johnson’s Changing Lives Learning Trust meeting – he wanted to share what an amazing skill set he observed in the  people currently working in an outstanding school. He is really looking forward to meeting Parents on 27th of February at 4pm.

Music Sweet Music

Continued thanks for the brilliant support of local musicians who come and develop 1:1 and small group work in every class in the school.

A Chinese Valentine

Thanks goes to Nicola and all fellow colleagues for pulling out the stops on the last day to deliver Chinese New Year, and Kim developing the Valentine’s disco (where we had perspective Bleasdale students come and join the party!): We did all this on the final week whilst continuing to develop learning during the last week of half term: 143 EfL entries were noted that week of real gold!


Winter Wonderland – 2nd December 2023

On 2nd December we held our second Winter Wonderland event where our grounds were transformed with lights, inflatables, stalls and – of course – Santa’s Grotto.  We raised over £1500 for school funds and even saw a flurry of snow!

Silverdale Community Event – 24 November 2023

Please click on the link below to download a flyer about our forthcoming community meeting.

Poster for Community Event

Look to the Future Transitions Event – 17 October 2023

After the success of last year’s event we are delighted to announce that our second Look to the Future Transitions Event will be held on 17 October, 2023 from 9.00 am to 12 noon.  This event is for parents of all our pupils, not just those who are coming to the end of their education with us.  There will be lots of different providers there from both the education and care sectors together with representatives from the NHS.  Please click on the link below to download a flyer:

Look to the Future Poster

Head’s Letter – 12 September 2023

Headteacher’s letter Sept 2023

Summer of Fun Trip to Morecambe – 19 July 2023

To round off the year the whole school went on a trip to Morecambe.  We visited More Music and took part in some music workshops, created an indoor beach in their building, went on a treasure hunt and explored the beach.  Some of our parents and grandparents joined us and a great time was had by all.  We can’t wait to do it again next year.


Poetry in Garden – 7 July 2023

Today we held our first poetry in the garden event. Each class performed a poem they have been working on in class. It  was wonderful to share our work with our families. After sharing we had an amazing work we shared a picnic together.  Thank you to every one that came to school today.


World Music Day Celebrations – 20 June 2023

To mark World Music Day we had a full day of music activities.  We all worked very hard today and enjoyed experiencing the different music sessions. In Stomp, we explored different items that could be used to make sounds and created our own version. We then engaged with a More Music session hosted by Boogie Bill and Sian. He was getting us to practise using our voices. Finally we explored the story Tanka Tanka Skunk and made a lot of noise as we experienced different types of rhythm. Some of us even got the chance to use the school’s new sound beam!

Dinosaur Workshop – 17 May 2023

Today we had a visit from some baby dinosaurs.  We used our hands to explore the sand and enjoyed meeting the dinosaurs.

Coronation Celebration Event – 5 May 2023

Bleasdale School and Silverdale St John’s School organised a joint Coronation Celebration on Friday 5 May, 2023 in the residential grounds at Bleasdale School.

We invited all our parents and friends and asked that everyone dressed in red, white and blue.  There were lots of activities organised by both schools and lots of fun was had by all!


New Headteacher April 2023

Please click here to see a letter from our new Head, Sefton Booth

Silverdale Horticultural Show 2023

Lower Phase entered the Silverdale Horticultural & Gardening Society show over the holidays. We are super excited that we came 1st in our class.

Red Nose Day 2023

This year we used the theme of the Little Men and Little Misses.  We had a Mr Jelly “Jellyathon” and used Mr Bounce to do some sponsored bouncing.  Mr Tickle made us laugh and Mr Bump helped us with our first aid skills.

World Book Day 2023

This year we all studied the book “You must wear a hat”.  We decorated a hat for homework and followed a sensory trail in school on the day  itself.


Christmas Jumper Day 2022

Bleasdale School are taking part in Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 8th December, 2022.  Pupils can wear anything Christmas related – socks, blankets, jumpers or t-shirts – and we are now able to donate online by following the link below:

Bleasdale School Nominated for Creative School of the Year Award

Everyone at Bleasdale School is extremely proud to announce that we are finalists in Education Today’s ‘Creative School of the Year Award’. This nomination has come from the work that we do to engage our pupils through live musical soundscapes created by a professional musician.

Winter Wonderland – Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December, 2022

This weekend we held our first Winter Wonderland, inviting the public to enjoy a magical trail through our grounds.  There were lights, games, activities, refreshments and the all important visit to the Elves’ Grotto.

LPPA Reaccreditation

We are proud to announce that we have been successful in being reaccredited for the Leading Parent Partnership Award following our reassessment last week.  By forming effective and positive relationships with parents/carers and working together enables our pupils to achieve great things!

Another Outstanding Ofsted Report

The pupils and staff at Bleasdale School are delighted that their residential provision has once again been rated Outstanding in all areas following a recent inspection by Ofsted.  The school in Silverdale which is part of Lancashire County Council and caters for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties currently has 34 pupils on roll.  The inspectors found that “Children receive high-quality individualised care and support from dedicated staff who know them exceptionally well. This helps children flourish from their individual starting points. They have continued to improve their skills in communication, socialisation and independence. The experience of staying at the residential provision enhances children’s life opportunities. They engage in a variety of activities in the local and wider community. Children mix with their peers in well-organised activities. This maximises their opportunities to grow and develop and helps to prepare them well for their future adult lives.”

Head Teacher, Kairen Dexter, said she was extremely proud of all the staff and pupils and the Outstanding rating was an accolade for their continuing support and hard work.

Donation from Silverdale Masonic Lodge

On Friday 4 February, Silverdale Lodge Worshipful Master John Gunson, accompanied by Charity Steward, Alan Thompson and Peter Mason presented us with a cheque for £1,000. The donation is to assist with the sourcing of a replacement vehicle with disabled access equipment.

The vehicle will have a tailgate and a number of removable seats which will give plenty of space to accommodate our young people that are in wheelchairs. The minibus will be used to take the children to a variety of destinations such as local parks, museums, travel points, stations and shopping centres. Other educational visits also include local farms, the seaside, theatre and sensory centres.

Visit from Morecambe Bay Food Bank

Class 14-16 today got a visit from staff at our local food bank in Morecambe. Our visitors were delighted to receive 5 large hampers that parents and carers of our pupils had donated. Class 14-16 pupils decorated and parcelled the hampers before delivery. We would like to thank all our parents and carers for their generous donations.

Crocus planting with Carnforth Rotary Club

This week for their Outdoor Learning lesson, class 14 to 16 have been planting crocus bulbs with the local Rotary C
lub. This was a great opportunity for our pupils to work with members from our community.

Spring each year sees a beautiful purple carpet of crocus blooming in many communities across Great Britain and Ireland thanks to the Purple Crocus Corm planting to raise awareness of the Rotary fight for a polio free world.

Planting the purple crocus corms by Rotary and many community groups is a great way of getting active, having fun and talking to lots of different people about the need to eradicate the life threatening and disabling polio virus.

Pupils enjoyed their experience of working with the Rotary Club and are eagerly awaiting for the bulbs to flower over spring


Inclusive play park opening

Our brand new, fully inclusive play park was opened in early June 2019 by Morecambe FC’s goalkeeper Barry Roche following a fundraising drive by the school.  The brightly coloured structure contains two slides, a swing set, roundabout and a shallow climbing ramp.  The plan is to make it available to pupils, parents and siblings after school and during the holidays.  For more information, please copy and paste the link below into your browser

Leader’s creativity has opened up to the school and residential sites to wider and more effective use, ensuring that pupils benefit from an enriching and stimulating curriculum

Ofsted 2017

In association with


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