Home/School Agreements

At Bleasdale School, we firmly believe that a strong partnership between home and school is crucial for each pupil to reach their full potential. Below, we outline how this collaborative effort can be achieved. When a pupil joins our school, we request that both the parent or guardian and our Headteacher sign the appropriate sections, demonstrating our mutual commitment to working together towards this shared goal.

The School will:

• Provide a broad and balanced sensory curriculum. This is planned to meet the individual needs of your son/daughter.
• Provide termly Individual Education Plans for your son/daughter which will be shared with you so that you can be involved in your child’s education at home (homework).
• Provide an encouraging, stimulating and challenging environment in which your son/daughter can progress and develop skills in a safe and encouraging way.
• Ensure that your son/daughter reaches his/her potential as a valued member of the School’s community.
• Contact you if there is a difficulty with attendance, or concerns or difficulties with regard to your son/daughter.
• Provide written contact in home/school books and provide verbal contact via telephone, home visits and e-mail as necessary.
• Provide regular reports and updates on your child’s progress.
• Keep you informed about School activities through regular newsletters, correspondence and the website, encouraging you to participate in the life of the School.
• Provide guidance and support as required
• Provide copies of relevant documents and consent forms covering a range of information.

You, as parents/carers will:

• See that your son/daughter attends the School regularly, on time, and with everything needed to support his/her education and care.
• Ring the School if your son/daughter is absent for any reason.
• Let the School know if there are any matters and/or problems that may affect your son/daughter in school time.
• Support your son/daughter by working on programmes and targets sent home.
• Participate as far as possible in your son/daughter’s School life and support the School in it’s work.
• Attend Annual Reviews and other opportunities scheduled to support your son/daughter’s progress in School.
• Supply the School with two emergency contact numbers if, for any reason, you cannot be reached.
• Have read and understood the pupil holiday request.
• Refrain from making derogatory comments about the School or anyone connected with it, including the use of social media and private groups. We understand that doing so will be taken very seriously and reported to the appropriate authorities.