Forest School

Outdoor Learning

We are excited to announce we are involved in various training for Outdoor Learning Projects including both Forest and Beech Schools.

Green Learning Environments

The school being situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we have such an educational richness on offer for where we are situated. As we always say, “We are the right school in the right place”

We know from research that children learn better in a natural environment, and this is especially so for children with learning difficulties. However to our best knowledge, there is no educational material on nature-based skill development across Europe other than those developed with our Headteacher. Our project aims are to utilise welcoming, eco-friendly outdoor settings for children with learning disabilities, and through an exchange of practises, developing innovative methods for outdoor learning.

Previously in partnership with Forest Schools, we helped to develop and test a Green Learning Toolbox and monitor its impact helping to identify best practice.

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