06/05/2024 – It’s all ‘Hotting Up!

Consultation Parent Responses

Thanks to those parents who have written replies to the consultation, there is still time, pop on to our website MAIN page, click on the link to give your thoughts. I just wanted to highlight one of many as our school is all about pupils and real heart whilst developing learning. As our motto states “Learning together, Achieving together”. A parent wrote: “As I drove off this morning, I thought what I really wanted to say to you was that we feel like we’ve won the lottery having our child attend Bleasdale. Seeing all the yoga and trampolining and sensory room etc and knowing swimming is coming up in a couple of weeks, and then all the outdoor play etc, we can’t believe that our child is finally having her sensory and movement needs met. We know there will always be bumps in the road… and sometimes one step forward and two steps back, but we feel so lucky our child is there with amazing staff. Thanks so much to all!” Other responses included “Keep going”, “We totally understand”, “The more pupils we have, the stronger and more diverse the school will be”, “It is a good idea to extend the school to include students with GLD because every child deserves access to education and support tailored to their needs” and finally “If it keeps the school open – do what you can!”


Curriculum Staff Member Spotlight – Anna Hodkinson

Along with all members of staff, Anna works hard at Bleasdale school. Anna has only just returned from maternity leave to take on responsibilities around Physical Development of pupils and rebound. In the short time it has taken Anna to return she has turned the school in to a centre of excellence by applying and achieving alongside the pupils a certificate and plaque from leaders within rebound. Anna you are an amazing member of staff, and we appreciate the work, alongside your colleagues and pupils in obtaining only the very best.


Extraordinary Pupils Dig in with our new Independence Curriculum

During Food technology, Butterflies having been working on using a toaster safely to make a snack. They’re all been becoming more independent by plugging the toaster in, switching it on and waiting for our bread to toast. And of course, we all really enjoy eating the finished product! To learn more about the curriculum please click on the following link: https://bleasdaleschool.lancs.sch.uk/key-information/curriculum/


Name that Class!

Over the last few weeks classes have been naming their nature themed classes. As a school we wanted to move on from phases and create a clearer identity. Every time you’ve visited Bleasdale School you’ll know it is situated in area of outstanding natural beauty (and this is not only because of the gorgeousness of the wonderful staff members living in the area – you know who I mean Arlene and Carol!) but we are a stone’s throw away from the lakes, amongst nature and in sight of Morcombe bay (I often wish my own children could attend). So, nature themes they are, with the following names to follow: Lower are now three classes – Acorns, Maple and Seedlings, Middle now two classes – Owls and Squirls, Nurture is now names Butterflies as we watch their transformation, and Upper have become the mighty Falcons. Changes to our new website shall soon be up and running.


The Bigger Picture

This week leaders attended a conference at the wonderful Sunningdale school. A primary school based in the north-east of England who have been on a very similar journey to our own. Once labelled PMLD specialist, to remain open has had to move with the times, grow and accept the growing needs of SEN pupils from across the area. At the conference was Diane Rochford OBE, James Waller, Vijita Patel, Cheryl Gaughan, Martin Stanley, Alistair Crawford and a plethora of who’s who in SEN world of development. All we can say is, we were happy to share our recent experiences with OFSTED with such brilliant leaders. When the report is published you will be the first to know.

Sign of the week: Playground
Symbol of the Week: Playground


Coming up this week:

Consultation Tuesday 7th  May at 4pm, Teacher planning Development Feedback, a visit to LSSHTA (Special Headteachers joint meeting – their next one see them visit us in June) and I believe the sun is going to shine at the end of the week (so please remember the sun cream!)

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